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Currently in 2012 up to 50% of your potential customers are trying to view your website from a mobile device such as an iPhone, Ipad or Smart Phone, normal websites are very difficult to navigate around and are almost impossible to read on a mobile internet device.

A potential customer will usually search and find want they want on one of your competitors website that does have a mobile friendly website and make their purchase or enquiry directly with them!

Mobile Internet use for product search is constantly on the rise, Fact: Their are approximately 30 millions iPhone, Ipad or Smart Phone users out there in the UK alone. In fact by the end of 2014, mobile Internet usage is expected to exceed desktop and laptop Internet browsing.

A mobile friendly website is no longer a luxury it’s an essential marketing tool! Without one your normal website is frustrating potential customers leading to missed business opportunities. Your customers are MOBILE, so isn't it time your business is MOBILE wesbite friendly!?  

Search engines are investing heavily in mobile search technology, Search engines such as Google and Yahoo! list mobile friendly web sites independantly from standard sites, the major search engine alreay recognise that mobile browsing will soon be the most popular way to search on the Internet hence the vast investment is mobile search listings. 

Our Prices start from just £200

Smart Phone friendly websites Mobile Websites - Web design for mobile phones iPhone Ipad Mobile web designers
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